Samantha Wexler


What is your name?

Samantha Wexler

How long have you been living with gist?

I was diagnosed on January 15, 2009 so a little over four and a half years.

What do you do?

Right now I am a returning student with 4 classes left on my BFA in Art History. I ultimately plan to go all the way to PhD level. I also write for which is a Montreal and surrounding area arts and culture website

How are you doing now?

Right now it is sort of up in the air, I will know more in October after another pet scan…

GIST is called a “rare” cancer, how do you feel about that term being applied to you?

I think it is rather accurate. Whenever I go to a support group or an activity with the young adults in my city, I am always the only one with gist. It is definitely not one of the more well known cancers and I end up having to explain it a lot to people who have never heard of it.

GIST doesn’t make you rare, but what makes you unique?

I can turn each foot around 180 degrees, not at the same time though haha. Seriously though I think the thing that makes me unique is the fact that I gave up my 10-year career to go back to school in something that I am very passionate about – art history. I think a lot of people who hit their 30’s feel stuck in what they are doing even if it not longer fits who they are.